Denim Shampoo

400฿ 360฿

For cleaning your denim or clothing items

Use 2-4 caps when you need to soak or wash your jeans or jacket

Made with Natural Ingredients, Free of SLS, Petroleum, Phosphate and Dye

No Detergents

No Foaming Agents

No Coloring

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  • Wearing Raw Denim is like a sport. It takes determination, patience, and willpower to wear it as long as possible before washing.

But we all know that smells is the enemy and the society certainly do not accept it.

Our denim shampoo will help protect, refresh and clean your denim. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


We always recommend hand washing your denim.

Pour 2-4 caps of Trine Denimes Denim Shampoo to a basin or tub mix with room temperature water.

Turn your denim inside out. Lightly scrub your denim and leave it to soak for 30 mins-1 hour.

Clean rinse your denim until no shampoo is left then hang to dry.


Do not ingest or contact with eyes.


To order or inquiry, Chat with us on Messenger